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Babies and toddlers will have a blast discovering the world in this first encyclopedia! 

Divided into themes of home, school, city, farm, ocean, mountains, and jungle, this large format board book teaches young children more than 900 words, perfectly matched with fun, clear illustrations, encouraging interactive learning between parents and their children. A spread showing a cozy living room features simple text for a door, table, sofa, vacuum, lamp, and dozens more objects. In a busy classroom, find clearly labeled desks, chairs, books, colored pencils, and anything else children might encounter at school. On a bright, sunny beach, a seagull, beach towel, sand castle, boat, and more can be found. Following each themed spread is a corresponding spread with facts and further information to introduce more advanced learning. Readers will learn that eagles are birds with large wings, that tow trucks help move cars when they're broken, and that if you go to the mountains in winter, you'll need a jacket.

Little ones will build their vocabulary and stimulate their mind while enjoying colorful art. And with hundreds of people, animals, and objects to discover on its pages, kids will want to explore Baby Encyclopedia over and over again!


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